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CRAFT OF LITERARY 1.3: Featuring COL Editor Christie Collins – “Surrendering to the Writing”

Just as I won’t take that step off the ledge of a plane to dive into the wide mouth of the sky. Just as I would never skinny-dip with you in your grandfather’s creek. So too do I not surrender myself to my writing. This is not a new concern for me, but I’m coming […]

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CRAFT OF LITERARY 1.2: Featuring Kate Gregory – “Pulitzer Prizes as Bridge Between Journalistic and Literary Arts”

Journalists and creative writers often find themselves at odds. The former follows AP style and a flat, austere sensibility toward sentence structure and detail, letting the facts dominate. The latter firmly believes in description, artfully manipulating language to create imagistic pieces that breathe life into characters and places that only exist – at the outset […]

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CRAFT OF LITERARY 1.1: Featuring Saul Lemerond – “Adverbs and Adjectives in Writing”

“He uses too many adverbs,” is one of my workshop friend’s common complaints. He goes through workshop manuscripts crossing out every adverb he sees. “No one gazes ‘longingly’” he says, “and no one is ‘very’ anything,” and by this he means people in stories shouldn’t be ‘very good’ or ‘very fast’ or ‘very important’, and […]

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