CRAFT OF LITERARY 2.4: Featuring Daniel Lassell – “4 Tips to Getting a Career Outside of Academia”

Some might say inspiration leads English students away from the corporate landscape and down the same career paths as their instructors. Others blame comfort or fear. But I would posit these students simply don’t know other options exist. The very purpose of education is preparation for the future. But, as of late, it appears institutions […]

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CRAFT OF LITERARY 1.1: Featuring Saul Lemerond – “Adverbs and Adjectives in Writing”

“He uses too many adverbs,” is one of my workshop friend’s common complaints. He goes through workshop manuscripts crossing out every adverb he sees. “No one gazes ‘longingly’” he says, “and no one is ‘very’ anything,” and by this he means people in stories shouldn’t be ‘very good’ or ‘very fast’ or ‘very important’, and […]

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